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Point Stance

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Point Stance
Has brought you by course the game's most refreshing the year. Other San Diego Chargers have found their man but bolt hired former Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy at their next head coach we surprised by the minute. I'm not surprised that Mike McCoy is a head coach he has done great work with quarterbacks citation Manning obviously this season. Look at the success Tim Tebow Jake DelHomme and Kyle Orton had playing in a Mike offense. They enjoyed their best NFL seasons but the pairing between the Chargers and Mike McCoy does society in this regard. Pumped Alaska is the new San Diego Chargers general manager he worked in the same building as Bruce area and in Indianapolis. Purse to would be a logical candidates she's San Diego Chargers next head coach. He had tremendous success this year he works very well with quarterbacks and also was even a family connection according to the plug on us. Chuck put the head coach did Bruce replaced for much of last season has as chuck battled leukemia his brother John San Diego's defense of coordinator it just seemed like a natural fit to me. To go ahead and get. Bruce Syrian over San Diego. It didn't happen but you know what Mike adversaries they all have the same number one goal when it comes to getting the back on track and that's going to be fixing what's wrong with Philip Rivers after two sub par seasons. They hit the second season though wrapped up losing to the Patriot. The Texans franchise record for wins this season but they struggled down the stretch we just you think go from here. Well one thing we know that isn't gonna change in Houston Joseph is a quarterback with with Matt Gary Kubiak when I had said that is unquestioned starter through the 2013,[url=]Ugg Canada[/url]. Season. Well he better go ahead and get himself in gear because Matt shop really had struggled down the stretch another couple reasons for this I think Gary Kubiak needs to mix of fundamental changes. In his office and also goes up for John Dennis and his offensive coordinator but you also look at at the offensive line too much shuffling on the right side you really need to go ahead and my opinion permanent starters. At right guard and right tackle. Also nobody else has emerged as a really solid number two complimentary wide receiver to Andre Johnson I just don't like so much is put on take him out of the game. And you're able to deal with the tight ends you're OK because you don't have to worry about that number two wide receiver. Making plays no matter what the root of the problem as it just has to get fixed. Others Texans fall short again Matt may not have another chance to get it right in 2014. Finally for the second straight year the Packers couldn't get at the divisional round of the playoffs. Different the pack in a look at 2013. Joseph I don't think they're gonna look all that different I'll take it just that's the Green Bay way to way we say the Patriot way it. Up in Boston but it is the packer way under Ted Thompson that is really going ahead and augmenting your team. draft picks now one thing I do expect Donald Driver not to return he's in the twilight of his career. He does Monica she's but I would not be surprised if we see him and if retiring maybe even do something with the Packers and some sort of capacity. Greg Jennings another star wide receiver for the Packers he said to become an unrestricted free agent but in my conversations with people in Green Bay. They wouldn't necessarily be surprised if he's tendered at the franchise player to keep him for one more season now I just she is gonna look at augmenting their defensive line maybe you know but I do think this is well Joseph. Reality is that they get some guys back from injured reserve nick Perry at linebacker Desmond Bishop at linebacker Bryan Bulaga right tackle. I think they're gonna be fine let those spots at one more they have Aaron Rodgers and he is one of the very best about the best quarterbacks in football. As long as they've got him the could be back in the Super Bowl before we know. All right Alex thanks for the insight. This segment that you of the game's most refreshing beer for Alex until the next time.

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